Summer Fling: 4 Types of Casual Fling & Casual Hookups - Here's How You Should Manage Them to Minimize Heartbreaks

Summer Fling: 4 Types of Casual Fling & Casual Hookups – Here’s How You Should Manage Them to Minimize Heartbreaks

A Summer Fling’s the best way to get the heat on – it’s an opportunity to let loose, and have the time of your life in Casual Dating.

Who needs a serious Romantic Relationship, when you can enjoy all the freedom (and mind-blowing sex) that comes with Casual Encounters and Casual Hookups?

You won’t know how great it feels until you try it. One Night Stands, Flings, Friends With Benefits, Hookup partners – you name it!

That said, you should always make it a point to consider, the consequences of hanging out with each type of Casual Encounter and Casual Hookup, before things start to get complicated.


Summer Fling – Understanding More About Your Casual Flings & Casual Hookups

Read on for this insightful article to find out more … Enjoy!


1. The Co-Worker Summer Fling (#1 Popular Fling Meaning)

So, you met the other cute intern at work this summer.

You both spend a lot of time together in the office; fetching coffees, and bitching about the boss and other colleagues.

You enjoy making out in the photocopying room, and even getting happy hour drinks after work.

Things are all cute and fun at this moment, but you are not sure how your Casual Relationship is going to pan out, when you both return back to the daily grind.

At this moment, you just want to get to know him a little better.

Because he seems like a really nice guy, who has the potential to be your boyfriend.

But then again, you don’t want to dive into it not knowing the consequences.

Well, we guess time will tell.

Verdict: Keep him and find out if he’s worth it


2. The Jet-Setter Casual Fling

The thing about Long Distance Relationships is, they are tough.

Bringing it up a few notches; International Distance Relationship with a man you just met during the summer, we’d say – forget about it.

For an international Long Distance Relationship to work out, you would need a stable, fully devoted and committed bond between two individuals.

This type of dating status would probably have to be built over a period of time.

And, either one of you would need to have solid plans, to relocate in the near future.

No way a Casual Fling would be able to achieve that.

So, enjoy the moment with your summer lover boy while it lasts!

At least, it would be an unforgettable memory for many years to come.

Verdict: Forget about it, leave him after summer.


3. The Stud Summer Fling

Instead of being out in the sun, you had a great time with him in bed; snuggled in between the sheets.

He was hot, great in bed and not to forget, he really knows how to touch a woman.

On the other hand, you often wonder how many other f*ck buddies does he have, to be so good at what he’s doing.

And, if he does this Casual Hooking Up thing very often.

You don’t seem to be able to trust him enough. And, he often leaves you second-guessing yourself.

In conclusion, he’s great as a f*ck buddy, but definitely not a man you’d bring home to Mama.

Verdict: Leave before your heart gets broken.


4. The Ex-Lover Casual Fling

So you met your high school boyfriend this summer, and tried to reignite the romance.

However, you realized that by doing that, you are living in the past.

And what’s worst, you are opening a can of worms, because you’re both going to colleges, which are miles apart from each other.

Don’t torture yourself and leave the past in the past.

You have a new life to lead in college, and new boys to meet.

Verdict: Ditch his a** off.


Concluding Insights on Summer Fling

We hope you see the importance, of putting some thought into understanding the type of Casual Flings and Casual Hookups you’re hanging out with.

Summer Flings are fun, but trust us – you really don’t want to experience one, that goes totally out of control.


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