What is a Summer Fling: Top 5 Reasons You Should Prep Yourself for a Casual Encounter or Hookup this Summer

What is a Summer Fling: Top 5 Reasons You Should Prep Yourself for a Casual Encounter or Hookup this Summer

Whether you���re looking to start a Serious Relationship, or just looking for a quick Hook Up for some late-night saucy fun, summer is always a good time to get the ball rolling.

Who doesn’t love the sunshine and great weather? There’s something special about Summer.

It perks people up, and that’s why there’s no better time to start a Casual Relationship (which may lead into a Committed Relationship), than in the Summer.


What is a Summer Fling: Experiencing at least a Casual Encounter or Hook Up this Summer

Do you need more reasons? There you go … Enjoy our Top 5 Reasons to engage in a Summer Fling.


1. I’m walking on sunshine… ooohhh – (Top #1 Pointer on What is a Summer Fling)

When it’s summer, it is much easier to think of date ideas.

You can hang out by the beach, head to the ice-cream parlor for sundaes or even go surfing!

The things to do are endless compared to winter where you are restricted to activities indoors because of the bitter cold outside.

Basically, when it’s summer-time, you don’t really have to rack your brains, for fun and interesting things to do. So your Summer Date doesn’t find you utterly boring.

There are plenty of places to explore and lots of things to do. You’ll never be stuck for ideas.


2. Sex is literally hot – (Interesting #2 Pointer on What is a Summer Fling)

Researchers have found out, that sunshine actually makes our moods better, and our serotonin levels more elevated.

When our serotonin levels are on a high, it amps up our sex drive.

This literally means we are hornier in Summer, because there’s an abundance of sunshine!

Oh, imagine all the fun and sex you could have, all Summer long.


3. There’s no major holidays

Summer’s all about chillin’ with ice cold beers and tanning at the beach. Plus, just cuddling up to watch the fireworks display in July.

There aren’t really any important or big holidays, where you would be away with family to consider bringing your new beau to.

For instance, when you Hook Up in winter, you would have to think about the long Christmas weekend. And, if you’re going to miss the chance kissing her under the mistletoe.

Or even how, you are going to spend New Year’s Eve (the most happening night of the year).

Summer’s real simple because there are no awkward holidays.

It’s just about lounging around, having fun with your Summer Fling, and taking things real slow.


4. You get more chances to see him in “social action”

There’s just something about summer.

It’s a time where people come together, hang out in groups, and have fun with their friends.

There are a wide variety of activities to do during summer – be it beach volleyball, barbequing by the beach or even surfing the waves.

It is likely that your new Summer casual encounter may just bring you along, to one of his gatherings with his mates and introduce you to his friends.

This way, you can see how he handles his personal relationships, to lend you an insider peek of how he would treat you if your casual dating relationship progresses into a romantic Long Term Relationship.


5. Summer’s just great. Period.

You feel radiant, because of the fabulous tan you have got, from the golden summer rays.

Besides, you also got yourself a bikini wax, and feel absolutely sleek and smooth.

Essentially, you feel real awesome about yourself, strutting down the beach, dressed in your sexiest skimpy swimwear and feeling oh-so-hot.


Concluding Insights on What is a Summer Fling

The sunshine is great, and we are certain the sex is going to be as well.

Take advantage of the summer and head out! You have all winter to stay at home to laze around.

It’s a rare once-a-year opportunity so be sure to take full advantage of it.

Just remember that safe sex rules still apply while you’re going at it.


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