Being In An Open Relationship: Top 4 Feelings You Will Inevitably Experience in Open Relationships

Being In An Open Relationship: Top 4 Feelings You Will Inevitably Experience in Open Relationships

If you have ever wondered what being in an Open Relationship is like but never got the chance to experience it, it’s probably good to do some research before diving right in.

Truth be told – it is not something that is all rosy and happy; surely it does have its perks, but it’s important to know the full picture and be a well-informed player in the game.


Being in an Open Relationship: Dating Advice & Dating Tips

Here’s our Top Relationship Tips and Advice on the 4 Real Feelings you will experience when you’re in an Open Relationship … Enjoy!


1. You become more other-centered (#1 Benefit of Being in an Open Relationship)

There is an inconceivable number of infidelity cases in Monogamous Relationships, and you’d be surprised that these detestable self-righteous people would actually not bat an eyelid to cheat on their “soul mates”.

Research has shown that the most commonly cited reason why couples in Open Relationships are willing to share their partners intimately is their awareness that a person can never be 100% satisfied (sexually and emotionally) by just one person.

In order to not deny the ones they love of these experiences and emotions, the kind thing to do is to allow them to experience these with other partners in a safe and responsible manner.

To these people, knowing that their partners are satisfied in gives them assurance that they will continue to love them genuinely and wholeheartedly.

These encounters are all communicated openly, honestly and kindly with one another, so couples do not hide any aspects of their Open Relationship from one another.

In doing so, there is much love and respect in the relationship.


2. You will start to consider monogamy (crazy!)

Well, the grass is always greener on the other side. Somehow, there’s this weird characteristic about human beings; we often achieve something only to yearn for something else.

Somehow, we are never satisfied with the possessions we have, the place we are at in life, the food that is on the table, and practically anything else.

The thing is, if you’ve made a conscious decision and have decided to be in an Open Relationship, chances are you should be happy where you are!

Enjoy the process because fantasies are just so overrated. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the rut like so many other married couples out there.

And who knows, someone may be dying to be in a position like yours. So, always treasure whatever you have.


3. You will no longer feel left out

You may assume that you would feel alone and would be missing out in your partner’s life but that is far from the truth.

In fact, even in a Monogamous Relationship, that only happens at the start of the honeymoon period (during the beginning of relationships) when you are both still fawning over one another and can’t get your hands off each other.

As time goes by, your relationship is likely to get to a point where you are more excited about heading out to dinner with friends than spend time together with your other half.

In an Open Relationship, you have your own flings and partners to hang around with. So, you won’t actually have much time to feel FOMO that much.

In fact, your life would be all the more colorful and exciting with the lovely mix of people you’d be socializing and having fun with.

The same thing goes for your partner – they may very well be having more fun than you!


4. You will be pressured to perform

The fact that you are in an Open Relationship means that you’d be engaged in loads of sexy activities with multiple partners at different times of the day.

What this means, is that you would very much be exhausted by the end of it all, with hardly anything left for your Significant Other (S.O).

This presents itself as a separate set of problems altogether, especially if your sex drive can’t keep up with your lifestyle.

It’s good to mandate rest days in the week for your body to recuperate or invest in supplements that will aid you in your recovery.


Concluding Open Relationship Advice on Being in an Open Relationship

You probably have to experience the above to believe what we are trying to get at here.

Nonetheless, you need to make sure that you are both physically and mentally ready before getting into an open-relationship.

It’s a high-stakes lifestyle and not everyone will be up for the excitement it entails 😉


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