How To Make An Open Relationship Work: Top 4 Proven Open Relationship Rules & Advice to Abide By

How To Make An Open Relationship Work: Top 4 Proven Open Relationship Rules & Advice to Abide By

Open Relationships aren’t as complex as rocket science, but it may not work for everyone either. It’s understandable that some people are keen to explore this type of relationships, yet very skeptical about it.

These people are well aware of the perks and advantages that come with an Open Relationship, but are afraid to dive into it for fear of cutting off sources of emotional support.

If you and your partner have decided to take the leap into the world of Open Relationships, below are some valuable tips on How to Make an Open Relationship Work.


How to Make an Open Relationship Work

So, How to have an Open Relationship? Here’s our top Open Relationship Advice on How to be in an Open Relationship, and the Top 4 Open Relationship Rules on making an Open Relationship work … Enjoy!


1. Don’t Rush Into It

Take extreme caution not to just jump into the bandwagon and get into a open relationship just because you decided on a whim that it sounded like a load of fun.

It may potentially make or break your ongoing relationship and you and/or your partner may be irreversibly scarred for life.

Ensure both of you are on board to this whole new type of dating and be thoroughly informed of what you’re getting yourselves into.

The best way is to do some of your own research on websites and watch videos about open relationships on the internet.

There’s a whole lot of information floating around online so view them at your own discretion but do be careful not be carried away.

Have lots of open conversations with your partner and see if the both of you are emotionally and mentally up for it before diving into it.


2. Set Boundaries and Talk It Out

Once you and your partner have decided to pursue an Open Relationship, it is time to set some boundaries.

Some of the pertinent questions you can address are:-

  • Where should these Casual Encounters be? Is it ok to have them at home when family members are not around? Are you allowed to have sleepovers?
  • How often should these Intimate Encounters be? Is it weekly or every fortnight? Which days are reserved for your partner?
  • How many lovers can you have at every one time?
  • Should you be informed in advance or after the Sexual Encounters? How detailed should you delve into these sexcapades?
  • Which groups of people are off limits? Are there any particular groups of people you can’t sleep with?

The list goes on and on, but it is extremely important to speak openly and mindfully with your partner and come to an agreement which you both feel comfortable with.

The above serves as a guide, and couples have the autonomy to decide for themselves which questions they want to address.

It may seem awkward to have such conversations initially, but we simply cannot stress enough the importance of going through them.


3. Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

It is human nature to compare, but don’t do it to yourself and compare yourself against those whom your partner are seeing.

Not only is it unhealthy and self-deprecating, it would almost certainly destroy you in the long run. Resist the urge to engage in such thoughts no matter how tempted you are to.

Remember the fundamentals of an Open Relationship and take comfort that your man will always return to you at the end of the day.

That hot babe that he slept with, is just a passing fling and nothing more. She may have perkier t*ts than you but your technique makes up for the lack in that department.

Positive self-talk is absolutely crucial in the maintenance of your own well-being!


4. Know Your Source of Support

It can be an extremely isolating and lonely journey to be in an Open Relationship, as it may not be as socially acceptable as you might hope for it to be.

Your close friends or family may not have any experience or information for such a type of dating relationship either. In fact, conventional modes of thinking may even condemn such activities.

That said, with the proliferation of social media, it is easy to access a support group, forum or some kind of community like this Dating & Relationships Blog that shares insightful tips without any judgment or scrutiny.

Be sure to tap on these resources for they could be an invaluable source to take a step out to having an Open Relationship with your partner.


Concluding Insights on How to Make an Open Relationship Work

Having understood how to make an Open Relationship work, you’ll know that Open Relationships are loads of fun, but it also takes some commitment to make it work.

Couples in such Dating Relationships must know the boundaries so that your emotions don’t get in the way. It’s therefore extremely important to know and abide by the above 4 basic Open Relationship Rules and essential Open Relationship Advice.

Good luck in your dating endeavors for your Open Relationship! If at any point you should need a new or another dating partner, be sure to check in at for your dating and relationship needs.


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