Rules In Open Relationships: 5 Crucial Open Relationship Rules & Advice for Married Couples Going Into an Open Relationship

Rules In Open Relationships: 5 Crucial Open Relationship Rules & Advice for Married Couples Going Into an Open Relationship

All Serious Relationships become boring if there’s nothing exciting going on to spice things up along the way.

This is especially so in a marriage; surely during the honeymoon phase couples can’t get their hands off each other.

Slowly into the months, they may start to realize that they don’t even engage in sex anymore.

Arguments and fights are more than enough to put each other off; let alone spending intimate time together by the end of the day.

If it ever comes to a point where both of you are considering an Open Relationship to release some tension, these are the 5 Key Rules in Open Relationships and Open Relationship Advice that you’d have to consider.


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Rules in Open Relationships: Top 5 Open Relationship Rules & Advice for Married Couples

You’ll definitely need to know these 5 Essential Rules in Open Relationships and Extremely Important Open Relationship Advice, if you and your married spouse are intending to embark on an Open Relationship … Enjoy!


1. Lay It All Out on the Table

So you and your wife have decided to spice your marriage up and open up your bedroom activities to outsiders.

What’s important now is to lay some rock solid foundation. Sit down at an appropriate time and talk things out.

Ask each other if you are both ready for it. Be honest, clear and upfront about what you are expecting out of this Open Relationship and explain to each other why you are willing to try this out.

Only if you both are consenting would you be able to move on to the next step. If not, find out how you can level-up your monogamous routine to something that suits you both.


2. Establish Clear Boundaries and Ground Rules

Here comes the hard part. You need to be involved and clear-minded when establishing the ground rules with your other half.

This is really important and you would realize that for an Open Relationship to excel, it would require a strong set of ground rules set by two respectful and abiding people to make it work out.

We share with you a couple of boundaries/ground rules that you both could explore (you don’t have to follow this exactly; just work out what’s best for the both of you):

  • Always practice safe sex with other partners
  • Sex is only allowed when other half is out of town
  • No sex is allowed within the premises of our home
  • Sex is not allowed with mutual friends or acquaintances
  • Time with other half should not be compromised for other lovers/flings


3. Don’t Be Frightened to Voice Your Opinions

When things go awry and are not going the way it should, do talk about it with your other half.

Boundaries and rules are not cast in stone and should be flexible to change to suit the both of you.

Be patient with each other and try to work things out and it will usually get better along the way.

4. Decide What You’re Comfortable to Hear About

Maybe you don’t need your other half to go into the details of how he’s f*cking his lover’s brains out or trying out a new sex toy.

Tell him that the details are too much for you to bear and that you don’t need him to report every single thing to you.

That being said, talk to each other and find out how much details is too much so you won’t be shooting your mouth off and hurting the person whom you love.


5. Don’t Cheat

Once you cheat, you will spiral into a dark abyss and it will get worst.

Boundaries and Rules in Open Relationships are set up for a reason, and it’s definitely not to break them. Cheating is still cheating, even in an Open Relationship.

So don’t go about breaking your other half’s trust by cheating and thinking you could get away with it.

Play by the rules and enjoy the satisfaction an Open Relationship can bring you!


Concluding Rules in Open Relationships for Married Couples

Once both of you are able to explore sex beyond your Marriage Relationship, you’d be surprised that somehow, you will both find interest in each other again.

It’s weird and unexpected, but that’s what many who are in Open Relationships have to share about.

Just continue to show can and concern for each other while you’re at it, and there would be a strong likelihood that good things ensue from this Casual Relationship.


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