How To Be In An Open Relationship: Top 4 Dating Tips & Advice for Men Going Into an Open Relationship

How To Be In An Open Relationship: Top 4 Dating Tips & Advice for Men Going Into an Open Relationship

Not everyone’s like you looking to be in an Open Relationship. In fact, you’d be surprised by the sheer number of people who are still against the idea of such Dating Relationships, and you ought to tread carefully.

So how can you find like-minded people who are willing to walk this journey with you? Below, we suggest a few valuable pointers that you may wish to consider.


How to be in an Open Relationship: Dating Advice & Dating Tips

Keen to do it like a pro? Here’s our Top 5 Open Relationship Tips and Open Relationship Advice for all Men who are keen to enter into an Open Relationship … Enjoy!


1. Invest in a Good Dating App (or Dating Site)

On HappyMatches, Tinder, Zoosk, OkCupid, or any established Online Dating App or Online Dating Website that you have an account with, remember to select the “Open Relationship” status in your profile and make it as clear as day.

On these online Dating Site platforms where you will meet random people for a casual Fling or Hook Up, you don’t have to take as much consideration as you do on your personal Facebook or Instagram page (lest the judgment from family and acquaintances).

It is likely that those who are looking for the same type of relationship would locate you based on the intelligent algorithm these apps have and TADAA!

Before you know it, you would have gotten yourself a partner who favors Open Relationships just like you without much effort.

(Hint: These Dating Apps and Dating Sites tend to prioritize paying users, so consider getting a paid subscription. Don’t be penny wise, pound foolish in trying to save this little money! Invest in a paid membership and reap huge returns on your small “investment”!)


2. Take the pressure off yourself

Once you get a message, resist the urge to reveal your dating preference and charm the socks out of her first.

Who knows, you might change her mind and she might consider trying out an Open Relationship with you because you are too good to resist.

Or more realistically, be open and just let your personality shine; even if you both don’t date or have any sex, take it as you’re going out to have a good time and making a new friend.

Don’t pressure it because it would look like you’re desperate and just want to sleep with her.


3. Let her do the talking

Towards the end of the night, you could just lay out your situation and let the other person ask the questions.

That beats rattling on about how monogamy is outdated and how you think everyone should get start on consensual non-monogamy instead.

If she is interested, she would definitely ask you out on the next date. It is a waiting game and patience is of essence here.

The fact that she is talking to you hours on end till the end of the night is a positive indicator, and you should be hopeful!


4. Don’t change your life story

As much as you’d like for this arrangement to go on, should you cheat and tell her that you’re single and available when you’re in fact, married with a child on the way?

Even if it works out initially, it’s probably not going to pan out well in the long run.

Firstly, you lied to her. When she finds out eventually, you are likely going to jeopardize your relationship with your Significant Other (S.O.) as well.

Secondly, you’ll appear like a complete douche bag for not being truthful.

Thirdly, you broke the rules with your S.O. and this is considered cheating, whether you like it or not.

Trust us, don’t do this unless you want to end up forever alone.


Concluding Open Relationship Advice on How to be in an Open Relationship

So how to be in an Open Relationship? And how to make an Open Relationship work?

One of the most important things to remember, is that you should never venture on an Open Relationship quest on your own when your S.O does not approve of it.

Doing so is akin to cheating, and you’re inviting a whole load trouble by doing so.

If an Open Relationship doesn’t seem feasible for you now, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get the chance to in the future.

Surely, you’d be able to find a window of opportunity to experience say, an ONS?


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