Open Relationship Rules: The Top 4 Most Important “DOs” for Success in an Open Relationship

Open Relationship Rules: The Top 4 Most Important “DOs” for Success in an Open Relationship

Once you’ve said I DO to an open relationship with your partner, there are a couple of things you would have to take note of.

First, CELEBRATE! You’re on your way to great sex even beyond your relationship without any repercussions. You get to experience freedom like a swinging bachelor.

Now once that is off the list, you need to realize that there are commitments to fulfill even in an Open Relationship.

This is especially crucial if you want to make sure things are going well, and that your Open Relationship is running smoothly.


Open Relationship Rules List: Top 4 “DOs” in an Open Relationship

You need to know these 4 Open Relationship Rules, and the essentials of an Open Relationship to keep it strong and growing … Enjoy!


1. DO Maintain Your Partner’s Emotional Well-Being

People need to be validated every once in awhile. So, always remind your partner that she is enough for you. This can be done verbally and/or through actions.

Tell her that she is important and remind her constantly that she will not be neglected or loved any less, even though there are others that you spend time and have sexual relations with.

Show her through actions (because actions speak louder than words); send her flowers, pamper her with a massage, listen to her talk about her day etc.

Treat her with lots of love, concern and care. It is extremely important to let your partner know that even though you both are in an Open Relationship, you are both essentially each other’s primary partner.

She is still the one you love and would come back to at the end of the day and quite certainly, she will reciprocate the same way too.


2. Do Be Aware of Your Own Emotions

Fights are just part and parcel of every relationship. Even a scuffle or an argument happens time to time in the best of relationships.

But it’s how we make out of these arguments, how we grow and learn from them that makes a relationship stronger.

Make sure you can tell the difference when you’re fighting over things that involve negative feelings, not facts.

Some of the examples below are said when these negative feelings get the better of you:

  • Why are you always putting [name] above me! You seem to care more for her than about me!
  • You don’t seem to give a f*ck whenever I talk to you anymore. You are so distracted and don’t seem to care about what happens to me. It is ridiculous why I even decide to be with you.

These statements are not facts, but are your perceptions, your (negative) feelings that got the better of you.

When these things are said in the heat of a moment, it could be extremely harsh and hurtful.

Take a step back and calm down before talking to your partner about something that upsets you.

Use ‘I’ statements so these statements are factual and about your own feelings.

Some examples include –

  • I feel hurt/sad/ignored/jealous whenever you talk about [name]. I need to talk to you about that.
  • I feel like you don’t care whenever I talk to you. This hurts me.


3. DO Talk About Everything

Sometimes talking is tiring, but it is especially important in an Open Relationship since it doesn’t quite have a textbook definition, neither are there socially acceptable ways to behave and communicate in such relationships.

Being upfront, honest and open lays the foundation for an Open Relationship and makes things easier in the long run. Once things are solid, the talking lessens and things get much easier!


4. DO Be a Giver

Every women loves a giver. Many a times men are so caught up in trying to achieve their climax, they fail to realize that when women are satisfied first, the rewards are much bigger.

If tongue flicking is your specialty, make sure you do it liberally and don’t stop even if she begs you to. Pushing the boundaries unlocks more pleasure for her, and the reward you reap later would be all worth it.

Beyond the bedroom, give in to her during arguments; even if you know that she’s clearly in the wrong. That’s easier said than done but it definitely saves you more trouble than engaging in a senseless argument!


Concluding Open Relationship Rules on the “DOs” for Success in Open Relationships

Saying “I DO” takes a lifetime of commitment. If you want it to work out, you need to first put in the effort.

Bear in mind these Top 4 Open Relationship Rules, and abide by these Open Relationship Advice to have a fulfilling relationship with your partner.

If you’re unwilling to put in the effort, or things somehow just don’t work out, then be glad that you’re in an Open Relationship. It’s much easier to play the “Exit” card.


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