Open Relationship Advice: Top 5 Essential Commitments Expected of Both Parties for Open Relationships to Work

Open Relationship Advice: Top 5 Essential Commitments Expected of Both Parties for Open Relationships to Work

Whether you are thinking of trying out an Open Relationship with your long-time partner, or if you are getting into this new type of dating; things can be daunting because you are still treading into uncharted waters.

Well, couples who thrive in open relationships have shared that no two couples will ever have the same set of arrangements in an open relationship.

However, there are still some common rules which every open relationship abide by in order for it to be running smoothly.


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Open Relationship Advice

In this article, we share with you the Top 5 Open Relationship Rules to getting an Open Relationship right and working … Enjoy!


1. Discuss and Set Sexual Boundaries

Talk about the types of sexual acts which are acceptable for the both of you. Discuss in detail with your partner what is allowed or things that are totally off limits. Be open in your communication and don’t be afraid to ask him/her if it is allowed:

  • (For the legal, young ones) Is penetrative sex permissible? Or should it be limited to oral sex?
  • If penetrative sex is allowed, what type of protection must be used?
  • Can you explore other types of sexual activities that you normally do with each other? (e.g. BDSM, sex toys)
  • Do all sexual partners need to do a mandatory STD screening?

It is crucial to know if your partner is on the same page as you about these because you are sharing them intimately with other people and vice versa.

Also, set some emotional boundaries and talk about whether each of you are comfortable about sleeping with other people without developing any feelings for your sexual partners.

Communicate about what happens when a partner becomes jealous and how to tackle negative emotional outbursts when it happens.


2. Be Open About Who You Can Date

Do you limit it to just random Tinder dates? Or are friends and people whom you both know a no-go?

There will be certain groups of people whom your partner all riled up and jealous about and it’s definitely not healthy in an Open Relationship.

On the contrary, some Open Relationship couples prefer engaging in a dating relationship with people whom they both know and trust as they believe it is safer and they feel more comfortable that way.

That being said, it is to each couple’s preference and only through regular and open communication can you know what works best.


3. Decide On an Agreeable Frequency to Meet

Is it just once a week on Thursday nights?

Or are you both cool with your partners spending the summer away on a vacation with their sexual partner?

You don’t want to be assuming these things and neglecting your partners, so talk about how much time you should be spending with them and with your sexual partners to avoid such a conflict.


4. Come Up with Crisis Management Plans

If someone you both know spots you with your sexual partners and tatter-tales on you, how is your partner going to brooch that topic and say “nah, he’s not cheating” or even “I allowed him to see someone else” without sounding like a total nut?

I mean, there are people in this world who wouldn’t be able to accept this way of dating.

When that happens, it’s best to just take their opinions with a pinch of salt, speak to your partner and see if this person is worth the explanation.

A famous quote goes “Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter”.


5. Determine Frequency of Heart-to-Heart Talks

It is critical to have a check-in or a heart-to-heart talk every once in awhile; especially in an Open Relationship to ensure everything is running smoothly and that all’s well.

Boundaries and rules may be set (but not cast in stone), so sometimes it requires some looking back on and changes along the way.

Always make sure both of you are comfortable, honest and respectful towards each other.


Concluding Insights on Open Relationship Advice

It takes time and commitment to be good at something, and the same holds true for Open Relationships.

Bear in mind the essential Open Relationship Advice we have shared above, and apply it diligently to your relationship with your Open Relationship partner.

If such Open Dating Relationships take a toll on you, you may want to consider something a notch down in Casual Dating, for example, a One Night Stand or Friends With Benefits.


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