Open Relationship Meaning: Top 4 Cold Hard Facts You Need to Know About Maintaining a Non Monogamous Relationship

Open Relationship Meaning: Top 4 Cold Hard Facts You Need to Know About Maintaining a Non Monogamous Relationship

Let’s face it: An Open Relationship sounds incredibly attractive, in that you get stability with a regular partner and the flexibility to go out to “have fun” with casual partners at the same time! Sounds like having the BEST of both worlds – you’ve said it!

However, starting and maintaining an Open Relationship with your regular dating partner or spouse is not as straightforward as it seems. In case, you think it is!

As such, in this explicit article, let us take the bull by its horns, and present the Open Relationship Meaning as it really is – no holds barred and with no punches withheld. WYSIWYG!


Open Relationship Meaning: Maintaining a Non Monogamous Relationship

Communication has always been emphasized as a crucial element in Open Relationships. Question is, how many of us are really going to commit to it? It’s tough to talk about things out of the blue; especially if you’re someone who simply can’t stand awkward silence during conversations.

Over here are some suggestions on the 4 Toughest Taboo Questions which you can explore with your partner to see if you both would thrive and succeed in an Open Relationship, as well as some essential tips to further your Open Relationship … Enjoy the “true” Open Relationship Meaning in its most bare form!


1. Questions that help to build muscle in your open relationship

  • What if I broke one of our rules or didn’t follow the boundaries we had set? How can we talk about it and support one another through that?
  • What if I realize I have started to lose interest in you (sexually and/or emotionally)?
  • What happens if I contracted an STD from one of my partners?
  • What if I fell in love in one of my partners?
  • What do we do if I got someone pregnant/I am impregnated by one of our partners?
  • What if I didn’t want to be in an open relationship anymore? Can I talk to you about it?

While these may seem like ridiculous questions, most people who tried to engage their partners with them felt that they really helped to foster greater understanding with their partners.

One doesn’t have to go through these questions in a single night; it really depends on your comfort level.

What’s more important is to try to talk about them, as much as possible openly.


2. Don’t allow these conversations to turn into a dumping ground

The challenging scenarios above showcasing the real “Open Relationship Meaning” may prove to be a tough pill to swallow, but always be aware that you shouldn’t let these affect you negatively in your words and through your actions.

Step back and view these scenarios as objectively as you can without letting your emotions get the better of you. As your partner surfaces his/her true thoughts and feelings, do not lash out or talk to him/her dismissively.

He/she may be put off with telling you his/her honest opinions, and communication would break down from here.

Instead, listen and try to find a solution together instead of reacting badly to it. Once you find a solution and the situation is resolved, it will make the relationship even stronger than it was before.


3. Open Relationships are not a zero-sum game

The root cause of why we feel that we are lacking when someone is in abundance is due to the fact that we see relationships in the concept of duality – either he / she loves me, or not. However, you can change your mindset with the following:-

  • Recognizing that love from a person is not distributed by percentage. Him loving another sexual partner doesn’t make him love you any less.
  • You do not let your emotions affect your logical thinking (I’m upset but I would not say nasty things which I’d later regret and also hurt everyone’s feelings in the process).
  • Knowing love is not defined in quantifiable terms any longer. You know for a fact that he doesn’t love her more than you. There is no hierarchy which partner is number 1 and who follows next.
  •  You accept that boundaries and rules can change over time, and that it is part and parcel of life. Instead of obsessively trying to identify loopholes and “fix” things.


4. Take a breather if you need to

Sometimes, the arguments and negative emotional build-up is too much to bear. When that happens, it’s easy for things to snowball into a heated argument, and it becomes a challenge of who wins instead.

It’s not uncommon to find couples raking up historical events just to irk the hell out of one another. When that happens, always try to control your own emotions.

Go to a corner, take 5 deep breaths, making sure to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, and if it works, do some push-ups.

Go back and engage only if when you are confident that you would not spiral into a rage again.


Concluding Insights on Open Relationship Meaning: Maintaining a Non Monogamous Relationship

So if you’d like the great times to last, it’s important to put in the effort and commit to the above.

Nothing comes easy, and it is difficult to be completely devoid of emotions in Open Relationships. The best way then, is to learn to manage them in the best way possible.

It’s fine and perfectly plausible to be in a happy and successful Open Relationship. However, in order to be in one, you need to understand and face the “real” Open Relationship Meaning squarely in its face.

Otherwise, you’re merely sweeping the issues under the carpet – and awaiting disaster to happen. If an Open Relationship is not for you, then you’re much better off exploring more Casual Relationships in its various forms (whether Hookups, Casual Encounters, One Night Stand, or Friends With Benefits).


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