How To Be In An Open Relationship: Top 4 Dating Rules & Advice to Ensure Your Non Monogamous Relationship Doesn't Turn Sour

How To Be In An Open Relationship: Top 4 Dating Rules & Advice to Ensure Your Non Monogamous Relationship Doesn’t Turn Sour

It’s finally a reality; you managed to have a long heart-to-heart talk the other night with your Significant Other (S.O) and you have finally convinced her that an Open Relationship would work best for the both of you.

You’ve got your ticket for unlimited senseless sex outside your relationship or marriage (yay!) Now, what’s next?

There’re rules to follow if you don’t want to lose this rare once-in-a-lifetime privilege.

Abide by these 4 Open Relationship Rules and Advice to keep your relationship with your S.O strong and burning bright!


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How to be in an Open Relationship: Dating Advice & Dating Tips

Here’s our Top 4 Relationship Tips and Advice to prevent your Open Relationship with your S.O from going sour … Enjoy!


1. Reserve Some For Your S.O – (#1 Dating Tip on How To Be In An Open Relationship)

You do not have the right to binge f*ck every single woman out there just because you are in an open relationship.

It is essentially a relationship and you will still need to give your primary partner the love, care, respect and commitment.

Studies have shown that men tend to get aloof with their partners when they are in their refractory period (the period right after they have had their orgasm).

The last thing you’d want to do it to be disappearing on her and then having a free-for-all sex marathon without her knowledge and then coming back all tired out and grumpy because she questioned you about your whereabouts.

In an open relationship, both you and your partner need to show mutual respect and sensitivity towards one another’s feelings.

There are boundaries and rules to follow for the relationship to work out well.


2. Declare Your Status Upfront

Never hide your relationship with your current S.O from your playmates.

As a gentleman, you have got to be considerate towards their feelings.

Don’t give the excuse that you had forgotten to mention about your primary partner to your playmates.

Instead, let them know upfront (in a tactful manner) that you enjoy their company, however your partner is still your primary commitment.

Let this be known because honesty is always the best policy and your honesty would speak volumes about the respect you give to both your flings and your partner.

When broaching the topic with your fling, be gentle and be mindful about the words you use. Assure them that they are desirable and you appreciate the time they have dedicated for you, but you can’t promise them things you cannot uphold.

Be cordial if they decide to walk away, because you must understand that not everyone is comfortable with this kind of situations.


3. Make Date Nights Special

You are responsible for keeping the spark alive and romance brewing with your primary partner in an open relationship.

Put in the effort to make date nights special with her.

Because if not, how is it different from your other flings?

Do things that you both enjoy and are passionate about.

This allows for bonding time and draws your relationship closer.

If you both appreciate art, take a trip to the art gallery together.

If you both are like traveling, go on a getaway to a romantic beach destination. Importantly, make her feel special!


4. Keep Having Conversations

Be honest and talk to your partner.

Communication is extremely important and open relationships are grounded in that.

Do not think for a second that when an intimate act like sex it involved, you leave out the details.

Consistently check-in with your partner and find out what she wants to know, and what you’d like to know as well.

Always remember to speak kindly and truthfully to each other because that is how couples in open relationships have fun and continue to be devoted to each other.


Concluding Open Relationship Advice on How to be in an Open Relationship

So how to be in an Open Relationship? And how to make an Open Relationship work?

Most men tend to lose interest in their primary S.O gradually once they start on an Open Relationship.

That’s why it is very important to continue to stay committed and invest in the relationship.

As long as the couple makes time for one another, and keep the steamy action going, all should be well!


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