Open Relationship Advice: Should I Consider an Open Relationship - 4 Key Questions to Ask

Open Relationship Advice: Should I Consider an Open Relationship – 4 Key Questions to Ask

You may have heard of the term “Open Relationship” and perhaps it’s still a little mind boggling to you. Well, find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.

An Open Relationship can be defined as being committed to one person yet having the freedom to seek “extra-marital” affairs and engage in intimate acts with others.

As paradoxical as it may sound, an Open Relationship is based on consensual non-monogamy; where you both have an agreement to have other sexually and/or emotionally intimate partners aside from one another.

This means Open Relationships require one to be extremely open-minded, accepting and honest; and this is precisely the reason why we believe not everyone is up for it. In the following, we share with you some practical Open Relationship Advice to help you identify if an Open Relationship is one for you.


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Top 4 Open Relationship Advice to Decide if an Open Relationship is for You

So, How to have an Open Relationship? Here’s our top Open Relationship Advice on How to be in an Open Relationship, and the Top 4 Open Relationship Rules on making an Open Relationship work … Enjoy!


1. You Have a Great Appetite for Sex

With the increasing numbers of infidelity and divorces; you feel as if monogamy is evolutionarily inappropriate.

You can even be married to someone but you are unintentionally attracted to another party.

You recognize that one person cannot fully satisfy all aspects of your needs and you need sexual diversity that can only be explored with other/multiple partner(s).

You frequently crave and fantasize about sex with other people and feel trapped because of your monogamous status.


2. You Regulate Your Own Emotions Well

In an Open Relationship, it is common for emotions and feelings to run high and dry if you both do not communicate and set rules right at the beginning.

And you know the importance of that due to the nature of your current Dating Relationship. You recognize that much of these attributes to the feelings of insecurity, distrust and jealousy between the both of you as you engage with other partners.

To alleviate that, you often practice self-awareness of your feelings and actions and advocate them against the boundaries you set with each other.

Also, you are aware that it is critical not to sweep things under the rug especially so if there are high emotions running; you are able to talk about them openly with each other and see how you can both come to a consensus which you are both comfortable with.

If you can relate to and are agreeable with all these traits, an Open Relationship may be suitable for you.


3. You Love Seeking Thrills

You enjoy the experience of meeting new people and engaging with them on a personal level.

You find yourself frequently attracted to people even though you are in love with your primary partner (whom you are in a monogamous relationship with) and would love to be involved with them at an intimate level.

You often fantasize and imagine yourself baring your soul (and eventually your body) to them and engaging in sizzling hot sex with them.

Sometimes, you even sign up on Dating Apps and Dating Websites just to see what’s available out there, and possibly what you have been missing out on.

You have secretly engaged in intimate sexting with strangers, and find much thrill in keeping it under wraps and part of your second life.

If this describes you, you may well consider having an Open Relationship.


4. You are Financially Stable

The point is, your financial status is stable enough for you to consider an Open Relationship.

Because logically speaking, getting involved in multiple partners requires money. Lots of money.

And if you’re tied down with mortgage, loans, credit card debts and what nots, you probably won’t be in the best mood to seek intimacy elsewhere. In fact, you should be thankful that the stress doesn’t give you ED.

On a similar note, a stable financial status puts you in good stead in that it makes you much more attractive and wanted compared to someone who is not.

Let’s face it – which girl would throw herself at someone who is drowning in debt? Well, maybe true love can catalyze that.


Concluding Open Relationship Advice on Whether You Should Consider an Open Relationship

If the above fits your description, Congratulations!

Based on our Top 4 Open Relationship Advice, you’re probably ready for Open Relationships provided you’re emotionally up for it.

Don’t rush into things though if you feel you’re not ready to, because that’s only going to stress you out!


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