How To Make An Open Relationship Work: Top 5 Proven Tips from People Who've Succeeded in a Non Monogamous Relationship

How To Make An Open Relationship Work: Top 5 Proven Tips from People Who’ve Succeeded in a Non Monogamous Relationship

Open Relationships is an attractive concept which many are wanting to experience, yet few understand what it really entails.

For most people, it’s all about having sex with partners outside one’s relationship without the need to take responsibility for their actions.

When the notion of an Open Relationship is subject to such reductionist views, it becomes easy to be misunderstood and confused with other similar terms such as a One Night Stand, Hook Up, Casual Encounter or Fling.

Truth be told, effort must be made for a Non Monogamous Relationship to work, and here are 5 Valuable Advice compiled from people who have had Open Relationships.


How to Make an Open Relationship Work: Dating Advice & Dating Tips

Here’s our Top Relationship Advice on the 5 Proven Tips compiled from those who’ve made their Open Relationships work … Enjoy!


1. Learn and live the non-monogamy community buzzword: Compersion

If you don’t already know, compersion is the feeling of joy when witnessing another person’s joy. It is basically an antonym of jealousy.

An example of compersion in a Non Monogamous Relationship is to feel happy when your other half shares the mind-blowing sex he’s been getting from his lover and he’s feeling so fulfilled and satisfied.

Upon hearing that, you’ll smile, feeling the same sense of joy for him as he feels. You see him aglow with happiness and you beam with joy as well.

It is basically the concept that your partner’s happiness makes you happy.


2. Find your source of support

If you constantly require validation and support from your other half, it will take a toll on your partner in an Open Relationship.

Because of the nature of a Non Monogamous Relationship, it is very tough when people are often seeking assurance to stroke their self-esteem and make things seem like they are running smoothly.

Rally up some friends who understand your Open Relationship status or join some online support group or forums (they are more rampant than you think) for you to seek a third party’s opinion when you are unsure about how to deal with a particular matter.

However, we advise not to air too much of your dirty laundry outside, and try to talk to your partner to see if there is a way to work things out together.


3. Come to terms with your feelings

It isn’t unknown to non monogamous Open Relationship folks like you and me that our relationships are centered around rules and boundaries.

But if you have a rule that says “You can only love me and no one else (your primary partner)”, that ideal scenario is very unlikely to happen.

Restricting your partner emotionally can only lead to dire consequences because humans are largely not made to separate sex from love.

You both have to recognize that the heart sometimes does not do what the brain tells it to do. It’s just unnatural, dishonest and almost impossible.


4. Brace yourself for challenges

Things are not going to be all rainbows, unicorns and sparkles once you get into a Non Monogamous Relationship.

There’s bound to be envy, resentment, blame, jealousy, sadness and anger.

When this happens, learn to focus on the bright side and center your feelings around that.

Always know you can talk to a partner to see how you can resolve these negative emotions that you may have.


5. Resist the urge to compare

Him loving his lover doesn’t make him love you any less as his wife.

Because love isn’t distributed by percentages, or on a pie chart, you can’t state that it’s the gospel truth that since he loves her, he loves you any less.

In Open Relationships, comparison is the root of all evil. Don’t let yourself be stuck in this vicious cycle of comparisons and getting yourself all messed up.

Get rid of all comparisons from your life and things will become all better!


Concluding Open Relationship Advice on How to Make an Open Relationship Work

So if you find yourself having nightmares despite being in a Non-Monogamous Relationship, it’s probably time to take a step back and rethink what went wrong.

It’s not too late to correct them now!


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