Open Relationship Tips: Top 4 Practical Ways to Manage Feelings of Jealousy in a Non Monogamous Relationship or Open Marriage

Open Relationship Tips: Top 4 Practical Ways to Manage Feelings of Jealousy in a Non Monogamous Relationship or Open Marriage

Think about it – You share your Significant Other (S.O) with someone on the most intimate level, in a Non Monogamous Relationship or Open Marriage.

They kiss, caress, touch, and have their hands all over each other. They dirty talk to each other, and god forbid which chapters they have been exploring in the karmasutra together.

Who in the right frame of mind would be able to withstand all of these without feeling jealous?


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Open Relationship Tips on Managing Jealousy in a Non Monogamous Relationship or Open Marriage

It is startling how couples in an Open Relationship can still face one another, let alone love each other in the midst of all these.

Increasingly, Open Relationships are getting more and more common in the U.S. Such Dating Relationships combine the best of both worlds – having a Committed Relationship and at the same time, being able to indulge in Casual Dating and Casual Encounters.

From such Open Relationship Advice, we’re definitely able to learn a couple of precious lessons from those who have managed to make their relationships work against all the odds … Enjoy!


1. Don’t Let Things Snowball – (Top #1 Among Open Relationship Tips)

It is inevitable to feel a tinge of jealousy, especially if you know your S.O is f*cking another woman. But don’t let this negative emotion snowball, because once it does, it’s going to go out of control.

Anticipate that you may feel this way and don’t let the emotion overwhelm you. Take a step back and look at the situation from a third person point-of-view.

Realize that you agreed to be in a consensual non-monogamous relationship and this is bound to happen. That said, it doesn’t change the fact that you and your partner still love each other and this jealousy is not going to change that fact.

The next time this happens, take in deep breaths, calm yourself down and don’t let the jealousy control you and your actions.

Sit down and talk to your partner and chances are he will be there to listen and understand your situation.


2. Engage in Positive Talk

Jealousy is probably a resultant feeling of being insecure. You may think “oh dear, she is way hotter than I am.

My S.O is going to leave me for her”. But that may not be true at all.

You are lacking confidence in your attractiveness because you saw a picture of his sex partner on Facebook and thoughts just went WILD.

Your insecurity got the better of you; you start to feel envious of her curvaceous body and allow jealousy to brew aggressively in you.

You think about how much your S.O. is enjoying sex more than he is with you and this becomes a vicious cycle.

The next time you feel even a tinge of jealousy, you need to realize that this emotion is a product of your insecurity.

And, one way in which you can overcome this is to positive-talk your way out of it.


3. Listen Actively

Open Relationships come with lots of boundaries setting and hours of honest talk.

Partners need to know the importance of active listening, validation and the willingness to dig deeper into their partner’s emotions.

This allows the relationship to survive and thrive, especially when there is so much room for argument and miscommunication.

It is especially rewarding when things work out in the end and you find a common point where you and your partner has developed an understanding about one another.


4. Keep Yourself Occupied

Life is more than just having your S.O by your side and spending time with him or her. Many a times, people allow their thoughts to wander because they have got too much free time on their hands.

If your partner is having fun elsewhere, why should you subject yourself to boredom at home? Why not do something that you genuinely enjoy, at the same time take your mind off your S.O even if it’s just for a brief moment?

Thus, it’s a good idea to find a hobby, or anything that keeps you occupied while your partner is bonking somebody else somewhere.

Why not head to the nearest club in your mini skirt and see what magic you can do? Maybe it’s time to turn the jealousy around.


Concluding Open Relationship Tips on Managing Jealously in a Non Monogamous Relationship or Open Marriage

Jealousy is a monster that no Open Relationship can avoid. It looms its ugly head and the only thing you can do is to learn how to live with it.

If so many have learnt how to manage it successfully, there’s certainly no reason for you not to!

Put into practice our 4 Open Relationship Advice above diligently, and you’ll see a happier and more fulfilled “you” in your Open Relationship going forward!


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