Casual Relationship: Top 5 Ways to Tell If You’re Lovestruck With Your Casual Hookup & Fling Partner

Casual Relationship: Top 5 Ways to Tell If You’re Lovestruck With Your Casual Hookup & Fling Partner

If you’re starting to suspect that love has blossomed in your Casual Dating relationship, chances are it has already happened.

You’re just looking for an excuse or a way to deceive yourself into thinking otherwise.

If we’re spot-on about your intentions, allow us to confirm your suspicions.


Casual Relationship

Here are the 5 ways to determine if are lovestruck in your Casual Relationship … Enjoy this insightful article!


1. Your living spaces have become intertwined

He leaves his gym bag and his boxers at your place.

At the same time, you also have a spare toiletries bag in his bathroom, and some of your clothes are hanging in his wardrobe.

It is common to find each other’s belongings kept, or even strewn around, each other’s living space.

It would appear as if you are both living together (or maybe you both actually are, because you see him most of the week).

Well, perhaps it is time to consider moving in permanently (into his home and his heart), since you both spend that much time together!


2. You’re in each other’s social circle

He knows your best friend is deathly afraid of spiders.

And he’s even reminded you about her birthday (which carelessly slipped your mind), because he knows you wouldn’t miss her birthday for the world.

He puts in the effort to get to know your friends, and they often tell you that he’s a keeper.

What’s more, you also enjoy the company of his friends, because they are a fun bunch to hang out with.

You don’t feel like an outsider, even though you are the only girl in the group.


3. There’s no awkward silence between you both (#2 Top Casual Relationship Insight)

When you stay in together, it doesn’t always have to involve sex.

In fact, you are both happy binge watching movies, or just lounging around the entire weekend.

There is also no such thing as awkward silence between the both of you, because you are perfectly comfortable in each other’s presence –  whether you are moaning in pleasure in bed, or just sitting there staring at each other, practically doing nothing.


4. You can be blatantly unglamorous in each other’s presence (#1 Top Casual Relationship Insight)

It is likely that you both sleep over at each other’s places pretty often, and he’s seen you sans make-up, and has caught a whiff of your horrible overnight breath.

However, you don’t feel the need to rush to brush your teeth, or to get rid of your bed head, as soon as you wake up in the morning. Because he’s seen it all and you are totally cool with it. Vice versa.

This is a sign which indicates, that you have achieved a high level of closeness and intimacy with this person, and he is truly a potential romantic partner.

Usually, ladies are self-conscious, when they have to expose their most vulnerable selves (sans make-up and their most unsexy out-of-bed look in the morning complete with granny pajamas).

They will be extremely reluctant to reveal themselves, in the presence of someone whom they do not trust, or feel comfortable with.

Think about it, maybe he’s the one?


5. He talks about future events with you

He doesn’t just spontaneously call you up for a booty call.

There are occasions when he’s planned a celebration for your birthday, almost half a year in advance, just because he wants to spend this special day with you.

He’s even booked you in for an exotic getaway in Bali when winter comes, just so you both could escape the harsh winter cold.

He seems to make these plans that includes you in his future, because he wants you to be there in the long run.


Concluding Insights on Casual Relationship

So, have we confirmed your suspicious? We hope it’s good news for you!

If you’re having mixed feelings about this, it’s a good idea to talk things out with your ‘casual fling’.

Just so that you both can be clear about each other’s expectations.

Never sweep things under the rug, because they surely wouldn’t solve themselves!


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